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This issue starts off with three small bottle openers that are small enough to fit in a pocket or on a key chain. They're always ready should the need arise. Odd pieces of damascus laying around the shop make good stock for these openers.

Just the slightest deviation off center in a slot punched hole can cause the hole to open with an offset in the bar. The bar can be straightened, but the hole remains skewed. This jig eliminates this problem by keeping the bar aligned as the hole is being opened.

Step by step drawings show you how to make two drawer pull knobs. They can be made in different sizes depending on what round or square stock you begin with. They are handy for use as cabinet door knobs as well.

The back-up tool used in the drawer pull knob feature becomes the next project in the June issue. It mounts in a post vise and keeps rivets, knobs and small rosettes in place while working on them. Plans and step by step drawings show how it is made.

You'll be surprised at how familiar the shop featured in toolCrib seems this month. Once inside, you'll find innovative tools, equipment and ideas worth sharing. Its a place where new ideas come alive. Can you guess whose shop this is?