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The Journal explores three different approaches to making cap rails in the May issue. They include: flattened, where the cross section of a square or round bar is changed; tooled, where the stock is grooved, fullered or drawn; and fabricated, where the section is made from more than one element.

Forged hand rail brackets can be used with wooden caps, or one of the forged caps featured this month. Five examples and step by step illustrations for forging one make up this feature.

Plans and information on making a bar clamp follow the hand rail bracket feature. One jaw of the clamp slides freely until the screw is tightened, jamming the oversized hole in the sliding jaw against the bar. The bar is made out of A-36 structural grade steel, the jaws are made out of 1045 cold rolled steel. A more durable clamp can be made using a pre-hardened spring steel bar.

ToolCrib features the shop of AL Dippold, famous for his fine damascus folding knives. This shop is laid out for one purpose only: making high quality one-of-a-kind knives. Also learn about some of the state of the art heat treating techniques used by Al.