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Issue 103 begins with this small slide bolt intended for use on cabinets, wardrobes or similar items. It features a triangular cross section and a pierced and chiseled keeper.

Dimensional drawings and step by step illustrations of a bell that originally appeared in the Journal as a variation to another design follows the slide bolt. It's a two-part design made from a single piece of 1/4" stock.

You may have see forged snakes before, but have you ever seen a forged lizard? This critter is made by forge welding legs made from 5/16" round stock to a body made from 1/2" round stock. It's both fun and easy to make.

Issue 103 concludes with this upsetting tool submitted by Doug Merkle who got the idea from Clifton Ralph. It easily upsets and tapers a bar in one heat for making leaves, bolts heads, and many other items.

ToolCrib ends up just a few miles from home to cover Washington Forge owned by Pat McCarty. Pat's ingenuity and do-it -yourself attitude makes for an interesting visit.