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The February '99 issue starts off with three examples of forged handles made from a swaged triangular cross section. Step by step illustrations show how to make all three of them. Some applications include window sashes, drawers and cabinet doors.

The last update of this project featured conceptual drawings of the gate. This installment shows some changes and the beginning steps in making a maquette. The mounting shaft has been increased to 3” dia. and shortened to 18”. The maquette has been changed from 1/8 scale to 1/4 scale to make forging of smaller parts easier this month.

Producing clean forged ironwork can be difficult when you consider the extreme temperatures the steel is exposed to. Even steel heated in a reducing fire in which all the oxygen is consumed will show signs of surface erosion. This month's tips should prove helpful in keeping surface flaws to a minimum.

ToolCrib travels to Murphysboro Illinois to visit one of blacksmithing's rising stars John Medwedeff. At 50' x 53' x 35' John's new shop is almost as tall as it is wide. The reason is the large sculpture he's busy making these days. You'll see work in progress and some of the unique equipment used to make it.