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Keepers are commonly used to hold a sliding bar such as a door bolt in place. In the examples shown this month, they hold design elements tightly together in a way similar to collars. Three design applications and five variations are shown.

The Flat Bar Edging feature explores ways of creating designs by making 45° cuts into the edges of bar stock, and then forging the resulting elements. Step by step information and three variations make up this feature.

Basket twists are usually found on square bars. This one, made on a flat bar, opens up more design possibilities for this traditional element. It is made by bundle welding four bars to parent stock on the flat, opening, and twisting to make the "basket" shape.

ToolCrib visits Ray Nager's shop in Tampa, Florida this month. From the look of the original shop shown here, you're not prepared for what lies beyond. Check out this month's issue to see what secrets are held within.