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This side table (and stools) combine wood and steel in a way that makes them seem as one. The forged legs feature unusual joinery that tie the table, and the design, together. The laminated top is held together with rods tightened with forged spanner nuts seen along the table edge. Plans and step by step illustrations can be found this month's Journal.

These upsetting tongs, featured in issue 100, differ from conventional tongs in three ways: 1. the jaws or heavier than usual for free-hand upsetting backup. 2. the jaws have a shoulder that acts as a stop when used in a vise for general upsetting or for making making rivet heads. 3. The handles are wider than usual for a better free-hand upsetting grip.

ToolCrib travels to Hartsburg Missouri to check out Don Asbee's Studio this month. A multifunction jib crane planted in the middle of the main workspace is the main feature of this shop. It carries the usual chain hoist, but also features electric and air supply, two MIG welders, propane gas and an assortment of other gadgets useful around the shop. You won't want to miss this one!