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Smithin Magician
Introducing a new version of the Blacksmith's Journal classic design in kit form. The Smithin' Magician III can be used to fuller grooves & shoulders, draw out accurate square and round tenons, and make square cuts. Its an indispensable tool for any blacksmith shop. Extra cold rolled blanks, precision milled tool steel blanks, and finished die sets are available. You can purchase the Smithin' Magician already assembled or in kit form. It's in our on-line store, under the product line of TOOLS. Click on the links below to find out more!

Jos F. Bechal, Mostly Metal - BC Canada
"...I am really impressed with the Smithin' Magician. It's handier than I ever dared to hope! I do production runs for a commercial shop and consistency is very important. Thank you for a terrific little gadget. Don't know how I lived so long without it."

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